10 of the Must-See Places in France

Caves of Lascaux
Caves of Lascaux
Go for: See the awe-inspiring and beautiful ancient cave paintings or murals that dates back to roughly 17,000 years ago

Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley
Château de Chambord
Go for: Visit to marvel at the breathtaking architecture and the stunning views surrounding the Chateau.

Cité de Carcassonne
Go for: Take a leisurely walk around a hilltop medieval city and feel like you have stepped back in time. See the ancient walls, Château Comtal, the ramparts, and other well-preserved structures.

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Eiffel Tower
Go for: The Eiffel Tower is simply one of the sights in the City of Light that you would not want to miss. Experience what many locals do and enjoy a delightful picnic in the shadows of this iconic tower.

Gardens of Versailles
Gardens of Versailles
Go for: See the French-style gardens in all its glory. Try not to get lost in this vast and beautiful place that spans roughly 800 hectares.

Lavender Fields in Provence
Lavender Fields in Provence
Go for: Time your visit between June to August when the fragrant lavenders are in bloom. Go for a drive or a bike ride along roads surrounded by lavender fields and smell the delightful fragrance that permeates the air.

Go for: Lyon is a beautiful city in itself. But the city’s culinary offerings should give you more reason to visit it. Enjoy a delicious and filling meal at a traditional bouchon and try not to miss out on the local cuisines.

Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy
Mont Saint-Michel
Go for: Mont Saint-Michel is a sight straight out of fairy tales. The island is home to a magnificent medieval monastery. During low tides, visitors can walk along the bay and admire the view from the surrounding mud flats.

The Chalk Cliffs and Natural Rock Arches of Étretat in Normandy
Etretat aiguille
Go for: The chalk cliffs and the rock arches of Étretat is a famous attraction for its sheer beauty. It is also a great place to enjoy a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby beach that adds to the breathtaking allure of the place.

Wine Region of Bordeaux
Go for: Bordeaux is a great place for wine tours and wine tasting experiences. Head to the picturesque wine region and be charmed not just by great-tasting wines but also by the scenic views.