How to Use a Bench Grinder Properly


Definition and Uses First of all, what is a bench grinder? This is a handyman tool that can be utilized with many types of wheels, which we’ll be enumerating later. A bench grinder is a machine tailored to grind every single item it encounters. Depending on the wheel you’ll add, a bench grinder can sharpen, polish, shape, clean, or buff any metal. It’s commonly used to sharpen tools, repair broken blades, and polish small pieces of steel. Wheel Types Here are the four different kinds of wheels you can add to a bench grinder: Wire wheel – Ideal for cleaning rust off a metal object before the sharpening process Buffing wheel – This is a soft cloth wheel perfect for polishing. A buffing compound called rouge is applied to the [Continue reading...]

Drill Spindle Holes in Your Rocking Chair the Right Way

drill press

Feel like sightseeing? Grab your rocking chair and relax outside! But first, make your rocking chair special. Get started by purchasing the best drill press found online. Position your rocking chair upside down on your work table. The bottom of the chair seat must face upward. Put a straightedge on your chair’s bottom edge seat, which is between the midpoints of the two spindle holes in front of the chair. Draw a pencil line between the two centers. Reposition the straightedge and draw similar lines from the rest of the four spindle holes. Insert one of the chair spindles into the front-left hole on the bottom of your chair. Next, hold the base of your sliding bevel against the bottom of the seat along the line extending from [Continue reading...]