How to Use a Bench Grinder Properly

Definition and Uses

First of all, what is a bench grinder? This is a handyman tool that can be utilized with many types of wheels, which we’ll be enumerating later. A bench grinder is a machine tailored to grind every single item it encounters.

Depending on the wheel you’ll add, a bench grinder can sharpen, polish, shape, clean, or buff any metal.

It’s commonly used to sharpen tools, repair broken blades, and polish small pieces of steel.

Wheel Types

Here are the four different kinds of wheels you can add to a bench grinder:

  • Bench_Grinder_Brush_1Wire wheel – Ideal for cleaning rust off a metal object before the sharpening process
  • Buffing wheel – This is a soft cloth wheel perfect for polishing. A buffing compound called rouge is applied to the wheel before the polishing process.
  • Rough stone – Used for repairs like smoothing out the uneven edges of an old screwdriver
  • Fine stone – Ideal for flattening out a chisel



How should you use a bench grinder? Here are the steps:

  1. Wear safety glasses and gloves because the bench grinder emits sparks. Also use the safety feature of the grinder, which is the eyeshield.
  2. Attach the wheel that you need to get the job done. A 36-grit wheel can sharpen typical gardening tools, a 60-grit is ideal for plane irons and chisels, and 80-100-grit wheels are best for shaping metal parts.
  3. Position the item you want to grind against the front wheel at around a 25-30-degree angle.
  4. Move the tool you’re grinding following a back-and-forth motion across the chosen wheel to hinder heat buildup on the tip of your tool. Remember, a coarse grit and a constant motion will prevent the metal from overheating, so you have to keep moving. However, if your tool begins to heat up, place it in a coffee can filled with warm fast-quench oil.

Here’s a video on how to operate a bench grinder:

Importance of a Bench Grinder

Just like the importance of your eyes when you go sightseeing, a bench grinder is also a vital part of the metalworking process. Bench grinders make it easy to adjust and renew various pieces of metal. Similar to traveling which repairs and refreshes the soul, a bench grinder repairs several tools and gives them another chance to be used.

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