Drill Spindle Holes in Your Rocking Chair the Right Way

Feel like sightseeing? Grab your rocking chair and relax outside! But first, make your rocking chair special.

  1. rocking-chairGet started by purchasing the best drill press found online.
  2. Position your rocking chair upside down on your work table. The bottom of the chair seat must face upward.
  3. Put a straightedge on your chair’s bottom edge seat, which is between the midpoints of the two spindle holes in front of the chair. Draw a pencil line between the two centers. Reposition the straightedge and draw similar lines from the rest of the four spindle holes.
  4. Insert one of the chair spindles into the front-left hole on the bottom of your chair. Next, hold the base of your sliding bevel against the bottom of the seat along the line extending from the two spindle holes in the front, then tilt the arm of the bevel against the leg. Secure the bevel locking nut.
  5. Holding the base of your bevel against the base of a protractor, read the bevel arm’s angle against the protractor. Then, on paper, mark the oblique splay angle of the front-left leg.
  6. Place the base of the bevel toward the line amidst the front-left leg and the back-left leg on the bottom of the seat. Calibrate the arm against the leg and lock the bevel again. Compute the angle on your protractor and take note of the forward splay angle next to the external splay angle for the left leg. Do the same for the other three legs.
  7. Draw a pencil line where the middle of the front-leg hole must be drilled on the top edge of one rocker. Repeat for the other rocker.
  8. Position one of the rockers, extending the left spindles lining up the front-left spindle, with the middle of the line indicating the front spindle hole. Label the center of the back spindle on top of the rocker. Mark the rocker with a capital L to indicate the left rocker, and repeat this for the right rocker extending the two spindles on the right side.
  9. Tune the miter angle of your miter saw to equal the outward splay angle of the front-left leg. Cut a wedge from scrap lumber at this angle using your miter saw.
  10. drill pressAdd a drill bit into the chuck of your drill press which matches the diameter of the front-left spindle’s tip. Incline the bench press table to the front-left leg’s forward splay angle. Place the wedge on the bench press table, with the fatter end of the wedge fronting the back of the table. Align the left rocker over the wedge parallel to the front of the table. The middle of the front drill hole should be oriented with the drill bit’s tip. Press the spindle and wedge into place on the drill table. (If you don’t have a bench press yet, here’s the best drill press found online.)
  11. Label the deepness of the front-left spindle which should be seated within the rocker hole. Measure from the spindle’s tip up to the line. Apply the depth stop on your drill press.
  12. Switch your bench press on and drill the front-left spindle hole till you reach the deepness stop. Withdraw the bit, switch off the drill press, then loosen the clamp and take off the spindle and wedge.
  13. Do the same for the other three holes. Ensure that you follow the angles you’ve noted earlier.

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